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Windsurfing in East Crete

Vai Restaurant: Windsurfing in East Crete

The large one! More than two kilometres of fine sandy beaches looking to the east – that’s Kouremenos, app. three kilometres east of Palekastro. Take the road to Vai, move right at the crossroads 2km from Palekastro village.

Even during the high season in August one feels almost alone every now and then. Nude bathers meet below the red rocks of “The Kastri” mountain at the southeast end. Locals remain completely in front nearby the road which leads also to the port.

Wind surfers romp around the beach centre, where the off-coast blowing Meltemi kick the board artists proper into the sea. Since 2003 there is a new surf school at this legendary spot. A team from Austria started “freak surf Palekastro”.

Windsurfing in East Crete

Windsurfing in East Crete

The bay offers perfect flat-water conditions near the shore. The advanced and intermediates can practise their surf moves in the clear blue water of Kouremenos Beach. You can find perfect conditions for planning moves as well as professional freestyle. There are small waves further out, where the absolute freaks can let them-selves go. This is the ideal place for surfers who want to brake-in their first ‘chop hop’.
The wind blows side shore from the left and achieves a wind force between 4 and 7 Beaufort. During the summer season, the average wind force is approximately 6 Beaufort. Most used sail size: 4.5 – 5.3. [Source: freaksurf-Palekastro]

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