Palm Beach Vai

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Palm Beach Vai

Palm Beach Vai

The exotic sandy beach of Vai with the unique palm trees wood in Europe is situated at a distance of 94 kilometers far from Aghios Nikolaos at the Northeast and 24 kilometers eastern to Sitia.

It has been named after the word “vagia”, meaning “palm tree” or “rims of palm tree” in Greek. According to the local legend the wood had been grown from the stones of dates thrown away by Arab pirates or Phoenician merchants set ashore at the place.

Within a space of 60 acres there are some 5.000 perennial trees, a real oasis at the desert-like landscape of Eastern Crete.

The beach is somehow affected by the winds blowing in the area, but who cares about winds when being in such a breathtaking environment!

It is quite impossible to describe in words this landscape of unique beauty! Only whoever has visited it can perceive what is it like. Due to the palm trees wood it looks rather like an African beach with sand and fine pebbles, placed on the territory of Europe.

The core of the wood, where plantation is thicker, is fenced; access to this part is allowed every day from sunrise to sunset, all year round; staying overnight it the wood is strictly forbidden. The beach is well organized and has been awarded a blue flag. This beach is one of the few samples of good combination of facilities with preservation and respect to the natural environment. Sea sport facilities, cafes and restaurants are available, in a scale that doesn’t damage this amazing landscape.

The wood is situated at the exit of a quite narrow valley, ending up at the famous beach of Vai; a spring of good sweet water and a small brook with numerous oleanders within the riverbed are found in the inner wood. The wood is unique not only for its beauty but also for the species of palm trees it is comprised of. A wood of the “phoenix theophrasti” as it is called in Botanology is found in European territory, only here and on the Canary Islands. Not only the wood, but the whole landscape contribute to this inconceivable beauty: the thick sand forms dunes around, while at the nearby low hills you will find rare plants with extraordinary flowers.

However, walking northwards along the beach you will find some smaller beaches equally beautiful. And a piece of advice: if you don’t want to rent an umbrella near the sea, don’t worry! You may relax under the natural shade of the palm trees, within the wood. What is better in a hot summer noon!

Wherever you are in Crete, don’t miss to visit Palm Beach Vai! If you leave the island without going there, you will have the feeling that you have seen nothing! It is not an exaggeration; it’s just the truth!!

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  1. Crete232 20 August 2011 at 7:35 am #

    For the exotic Caribbean vibe – this is where Mars’s “taste of paradise” Bounty bar advert was filmed in the early 1970s.

    Also known as Finikodassos (Palm Beach), this gently curving golden sand beach is backed by Europe’s largest natural palm grove – some 5000 towering trees in an oasis fed by a stream – which have stood here for over 2000 years.

    According to legend, the palms grew from date stones discarded by Saracen pirates and washed up by the sea.

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