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Sitia  City

Sitia City, 24 km far from Vai Restaurant!

Sitia, 24 km far from Palm Beach Vai restaurant,  is a picturesque town, built in an amphitheatre shape beside the sea in the Gulf of Sitia. Our town is situated on the north-eastern edge of Crete. It has a population of 9000 inhabitants and it is economically and administratively the centre of its own Province. Sitia includes an airport, and a shipping port with connections to Piraeus and the islands of the South-East Agean. Sitia is well known for its clean beaches with rich sand, many awarded the distinction of Blue Flag status. The people of our town are welcoming to visitors and are always ready to celebrate in true Cretan style. Sitia is famous also for its excellent wine.

The Economy

The economy of the area has traditionally been based on agriculture although produce is often sparse due to the stony and mountainous terrain. Nowadays, thanks to government subsidies, the economy is growing in many directions. Collective farming promises new economic development and the improved packaging and marketing of Sitia produce has led to a steady increase in exports.

The local authorities actively encourage all types of development especially in the fields of industry, commerce and construction. Tourism has expanded rapidly in the last few years with a range of hotels from economy to luxury. Important future sources of wealth for the area could be the archaelogical sites which are constantly being unearthed, the well-organized and environmentally-friendly use of the many sites of natural beauty and the maintenance of the traditional character of Sitian life.

Time has left its marks on the landscape of Sitia – marks which the visitor sees everywhere around him. Marks of ancient civilisations such as the remarkable Minoan Palace at Zakros, the ruins of the powerful city of Presos and the remains of the pre-Minoan settlement in the fishing village of Mochlos – marks of every day life and labour immortalized in the creations of artifacts which are lovingly cared for in the local museums.

Sitia; Kazarma fortress

Sitia; Kazarma fortress

When wandering around the region of Sitia, don’t be surprised by the huge number of archaeological sites you will stumble upon. This region is the cradle of European civilization, a civilization which it fed and nurtured 6000 years ago. Indeed, the signs of a Minoan presence at over 80 sites in the region of Sitia are living proof of the huge development in this area at the time of the dawning of the first great European civilizations.

Here the visitor can find ancient Minoan peak sancuaries, in which many sacred artifacts have been discovered. Here he can find evidence of the ancient rites involved in the worship of Zeus. Here also were built the first Christian churches, their long and bloody history immortalized in the three remaining monasteries.

Take time to explore the natural beauty of the region of Sitia in all its glory. Rarely has such a landscape of contrasts existed in such harmony – majestic mountains, fertile plains, lush secluded valleys and rugged windswept ridges, streams and gorges, cliffs and caves, rocky coast line and white sandy beaches, fertile and barren, African, Mediterranean and European terrain, scorching south winds and cooling north winds – a country of opposites.

Local traditions run deep in the veins of the people. Festivals mark the passage of each year, concerts are organized, people gather to while away the evenings dancing and singing songs that have been handed down through the generations harking back to the Minoans. Sitians like nothing better than to enjoy themselves and to warmly welcome others into their gatherings..

The region of Sitia is all of Crete in one but still retains its unique identity.

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